Monday, August 15, 2011

i got so busy!

And it's not getting less busy! But luckily, I got a new full time job that doesn't make me want to throw rocks at co-workers -- it's enjoyable, but adds to my busy-ness.

  • Family Wrench - Web site. CHECK.
  • Sunrise Montessori Academy - Web site. Brochures. Business cards. CHECK.
  • Final Class Project - Brochure. (Got an A!) CHECK.
  • My Online Portfolio. I put a deadline on myself. Wise or unwise? Not sure. Check it out:
  • In The Stix - Web site, brochure. It's an adventure/hiking/kayaking/all-that-fun-stuff-that-requires-good-hiking-boots company. I honestly can't relate. I like to go for a tumble in the woods every so often, but not hardcore like that. In fact, the last time I went hiking, I'm pretty sure I fell out of a tree. It hurt.

Here's a look at the finished stuff:
The Family Wrench Web site.

The Sunrise Montessori Academy Web site.

And business cards! I love business cards.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

holy (matri-)moly

These babies got printed a month ago. Due to budget and lack of time, I smushed and moved things around and voila! Not so bad for a few minutes of adjustments at FedEx, eh?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

my back still aches, but...

I got a desk. Life... is good.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

moving along

I am working diligently on these invitations. I can't wait for the finished product and to see them in print. I haven't elaborated to the Happy Couple about what I am doing exactly for their personalized invitation request. I do know that they will love it -- they are such a fun pair with great senses of humor.


On another note, everybody is starting their own businesses! And not tentatively tip-toeing into it by starting on the side, no, they are quitting their day jobs and starting their own businesses.

I feel so happy for them. And twinges of jealousy.

  • Family Wrench - Web site. These guys have had their new business for half a year now, and I can't seem to design and build the perfect Web site for them. It has been a pain in the bum, but I will get it up and running in a month.
  • A Nameless Montessori School - all the works. This duo has just put a deposit down on a building that is "absolutely perfect" for their school. It is in an area where Montessori schooling isn't common, so it will be interesting and a challenge to create the ideal brand for them.
  • Final Class Project - publication. I am so excited about this particular project. It is the biggest one that we've had (which makes sense, considering that it is our final) and I want to do something different than what I have shown them so far.
  • My Online Portfolio. You know, I hear it's good to have one?

Now, I need a desk. This working on the couch hunched over my tiny laptop sitting on the coffee table isn't cutting it. I am 24! I can't be having back problems now!

i love weddings!

Weddings are beautiful. Just think -- this is the moment that a couple chooses to share with their friends and family, to share their love and hopes for their new future together.

Oh, sigh. So lovely.

My dear friends have finally decided to get married! They are going to fly to Vegas and get hitched -- which suits them perfectly. He will wear jeans and she will wear flip flops.

Actually, she's wearing this dress. And flip flops.

Here is the happy couple.

They are having a gathering to celebrate when they get back from the Little Chapel.

I imagine them looking like this, standing in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Oh, and Bonny really is quite tall with the legs of a gazelle.

And here is what I am working on.

I am so excited and happy for them!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i smell spring

I have been feeling down with the flu and/or bronchitis for a week and am finally feeling springy enough to enjoy the warmer weather.


I needed to make an event poster for class and was lacking inspiration. Luckily, at work, a few co-workers and I have been day dreaming about running away to Chicago opening up shop and all the lovely things you could do if you hit the lottery. A sweet shop was one of the businesses imagined, so I made a hypothetical logo and event poster for the grand opening of this hypothetical store.

doozie's grand opening

C, the owner of this hypothetical business, wanted her store and it's brand to be girly and sweet and as pink as possible. To prepare for this hypothetical shop, she's been bringing in low fat/low calorie desserts and using us as guinea pigs.

I do not mind. I am always hungry.

low fat and low caloried goodies

Monday, March 21, 2011


This is my Yahoo! Avatar for messenger that we use at work. I like how it actually resembles me (unlike some other people's avatars). It's a virtual Barbie doll that doesn't cost money. And, man, do I love playing dress up.

I want to take a trip, a nice long trip away from here, either back to New York again or to some tropical paradise.